How do I clean my windows after getting them tinted? Can I just use Windex? 
The answer is simple, NO!
Most Windex has ammonia in it, and cannot be applied to window tint. This goes for any type of window tint and/or any location it may be applied (Home, Office, Vehicle, Boat, Etc.) Ammonia can break down the tint causing it to discolor the toner that is imbedded in the film itself. However, this doesn't mean you need to go spend a fortune on organic cleaners with essential oils just to clean your windows. Simply using a 1:5 vinegar to water solution on a clean rag is the cheapest way to clean them. Other great ways are by using a brand called Spray Away Cleaner, Invisible Glass or Zep Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner. They are all very cost effective, a little goes a long way and they can even be bought in bulk or concentrated formulas at Lowes Hardware, Home Depot, and BJ's Whole-sale 
Any ammonia free window cleaner will work just fine though! It is recommended to use a microfiber to clean them as, paper towels just leave fuzz and streaks. These can also be purchased at a fairly cheap price and last a long time. 
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