Time and time again, customers have been amazed when they see me installing the tint on the inside of the vehicle. Somewhere down the generations of window tinting there was an idea spread that left customers saying, "I thought tint went on the outside!"  
This is false! 
Any professional window tint technician will agree with me that tint has NO place on the outside of the vehicle. Why? Well there are many reasons why, but the main reason is for its own protection. While window tint can protect your skin from damaging UV rays and keep your vehicle from getting overheated from the infrared, it is a delicate in its own ways. It is not meant for the exterior of the vehicle, so it does not have properties to keep acid rain from damaging it. If it is applied to the outside, not only does it look very unprofessional it will also begin to peel as the rain and wind separate it from the window. 
Many backyard and mobile tint technicians will not follow this simple instruction leaving the vehicle looking unappealing as well as you not being able to redeem your money. A professional will apply the film to a clean and prepped interior glass following the proper procedures. You will be a much happier customer and your tint will last. Before you choose your window, tinting professional be sure to ask them this simple question to be sure your looking into the right company. Here at Extreme Eclipze we ALWAYS follow protocol and apply the film on the inside of the vehicle.
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