Whether you have a Ford Focus or a Bentley, a professional tint company should not be applying the back glass in multiple strips. EVER! 
Many times we have had customers come in wanting their original tint from another facility removed because they applied it in 2 or more strips rather than as one big sheet. The companies claimed that the back glass had to be cut into strips to be applied due to the curve in the glass. This is not true at all. Most believe the company however others know that this is false because they see 1 sheet back glasses driving around town every day!  This  happens when the tint technician is trying to save time and/or does not have the knowledge on how to properly shrink and apply the back glass. 
At both of our locations in Raleigh, and Fayetteville, North Carolina we ONLY apply 1 full sheet of window tint to any back glass. This can be done for even the hardest vehicles such as a Corvette or a VW Beetle. We do this by applying the film, with the liner still attached, to the outside of the glass after applying a static solution. Once it is stationary, we use a heat gun to gently form the film to match the curve of the glass. This allows us to then apply the film to the interior of the vehicle without having to use multiple strips. Leaving the tint in one piece with no light gaps or lines. 
"Quality tint and application = A happy customer" -Robert Sargent

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