Why You Need Window Tint!

Why You Need Window Tint
By Robert Sargent
December 27, 2018

Ok so you’ve seen everyone in town riding around in their car with dark windows, but what is the purpose of window tint? Where can I get my windows tinted? How long does it take? What does it do other than make the windows darker? How do I know what type to choose? There are tons of questions one could ask, but here are a few answers to the most important ones.

What is the purpose of window tint?
Window Tint isn’t just for looks anymore! Quality tint can provide shade, privacy, and a great appearance. Depending on the level film you choose it can also provide UV rejection, infrared and heat reduction. which is fantastic for skin protection.

Where can I get my windows tinted?
Although there are plenty of places around Raleigh and Fayetteville, North Carolina to get your windows tinted, I have a bias opinion and can only recommend the places I have had my windows tinted at. Fortunately, I have been a tint technician and business owner since 2006 so I highly recommend Extreme Eclipze Window Tinting. Here at Extreme Eclipze Window Tinting we like to help our customers make an educated choice on window tinting. We would like to help them choose what works best for them and focus on the purposes they desire. We offer 3 levels of tint Pro-Series, High-Performance Series, and Nano Series, all of which come with lifetime installation warranties. We pride ourselves in quality film, great installation, and exceptional customer service. Vehicles are taken in on a first come first serve basis to allow our customers to choose what fits their schedule. The Raleigh Location is open Tuesday- Saturday 9AM -6PM during the spring, summer and fall. During the winter the hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-6PM. The Fayetteville locations hours are Monday-Saturday 9AM-6PM all year round. At both locations the customer has the choice to drop the vehicle off and we will call you when it is done, or you are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting rooms and watch Netflix.

How long does it take to tint my windows?

Most vehicles take between 1hr 30 minutes to 1hr 45 minutes. This can vary depending on the year, make and model. This is from the time they get started on the vehicle rather than when it arrives at the facility, as we may have other cars ahead of you.  

What does it do other than make the windows darker?
Well, this all depends on what type of film you choose. As I stated above, window tint isn’t just for looks. All films can offer as much shade and privacy as you like, depending on the percentage of film you choose.  Here is a simplified break down of our 3 films and what they can do for you.

-Shade, Privacy, & Looks
- Lifetime Installers Warranty
- 2 ply deep dyed film

High Performance Series
-Shade, Privacy, Looks
-Lifetime Installers Warranty
-Lifetime Product Warranty
-Carbon Construction
-99%UV Rejection
-Llaminated for Durability/Longevity
-Scratch Resistant
-Color Stable Polyester

Nano Series
-Shade, Privacy, Looks
-Lifetime Installers Warranty
-Lifetime Product Warranty
-Nano Technology/Infrared Filtering
-80% Infrared/Heat Reduction
-99%UV Rejection
-Ceramic Construction
-Llaminated for Durability/Longevity
-Scratch Resistant
-Color Stable Polyester

I could literally write a book on these different advantages of film, however, what will take 300 pages to write can be talked about in less than 10 minutes. I’d be happy to go more in depth with anyone about this, just simply call (919)930-9151.

How do I know what type to choose?
If the chart above hasn’t already helped you make a decision on what tint series to choose, we would be happy to help you figure that out. If you are just looking for the cheapest option or just for shade, privacy and looks the Pro-Series may be the one for you. If you are concerned with the amount of UV rays that are hitting your skin the high performance would be a great option. The Nano Series is the most advanced and goes above and beyond by not only rejecting those UV rays, but it also rejects the infrared. Infrared is what causes heat to build up and for the temperature to rise in the vehicle. No matter which series you choose, there is one more advantage that not a lot of tint technicians remember to mention… Film is a great option to really protect your little one’s skin from the skin, but also to help keep the glass from shattering and harming them in an accident. I have had several of my customers come back to my store with their new vehicles after being in a bad accident. They were amazed at how the tint helped keep the glass together instead of causing an even more serious accident and insisted on getting their new vehicles tinted. It is not a guarantee that film will do this as each accident is different and some are worse than others, but its better to have that possibility.

Is tint legal?
YES! Tint is legal, otherwise all tint shops would be out of business by now. As a customer you have the choice to decide on what percent tint you would like. The catch to that is, each state has its “legal limit”. Although we can assist in educating customers on what the legal limit is for the state that their vehicle is registered in, we cannot choose for you. The customer holds all responsibility in choosing, and/or any citations, tickets, or consequences if they decide to go darker than the legal limit. It is also up to the customer to find an inspector to pass their vehicle with or without window tint, we CANNOT and WILL NOT recommend any. Here in NC the legal limit is 35%. If you are registered in a different state you can go to https://drivinglaws.aaa.com/tag/glass-window-tinting/ to see your states legal limit and tint laws. The higher the number the lighter the tint is. Here at Extreme Eclipze we offer 70,40,35,28,18,12, & 5 percent with 18% being the most popular.

Now that you have a basis to help decide if window tint is for you call us with any additional questions. You can call us at (919)930-9151 for Raleigh, and (910) 644-7160 for Fayetteville. We will be happy to help. You can also come directly to our locations below!
Fayetteville Location
5014 Bragg Blvd.
Fayetteville, NC 28303

Raleigh Location
1310 Corporation Parkway
Suite J
Raleigh, NC 27610

Happy Tinting
Robert Sargent

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